Sunday, May 9, 2010


I bet lots of you have had this problem over and over again: having saved a page on your computer but not being able to find it when looking for it on another computer.
"Delicious" is the perfect solution for all of us. Bookmarking our pages is as easy as creating your account (just as creating a new email adress).


  1. Dear Jenny,

    I'm happy to hear you like Delicious. If you make your posts a bit longer and give some details that might be helpful to others, you'll be more likely to get comments from other people. It's also good to give comments to others - that gets more comments back, too.


  2. Dear Jenny,

    many people here in the course complained about the same problem: losing the bookmarks when the computer simply crashes, or the browser is re-installed. Fortunately, we now know that Delicious is there, we use it and we can have everything with us wherever we go.

    I wish you good luck with this course and your blog,